Back in the witches' cabin, Henrietta gloats over capturing Cedarella, but Gingivitus refuses to give her the admiration she desires.  A verbal catfight ensues  ("You Can't Make Me Love Ya"), after which Gingivitus leaves, 
insulted.  Meanwhile, in the basement,  

Cedarella gets to know her new robotic Perfect Prince ("L.N.E.B.U.")       

     Cedarella's aunt Gingivitus bursts in on them and puts the Love-Machine into Total Infatuation mode, after which he chases Gingivitus, Carmaletta, and Henrietta out of the house.  Cedarella, left behind, decides it's okay that the Love-Machine is a love-sucking robot, because she loves him and embraces him for who he truly is, and she runs out to find him. 

     Back in the forest, Flowerpot teaches Hunter how to win Cedarella's love ("Follow Your Heart").  Meanwhile, Cedarella regains her ability to feel, and realizes she is only chasing the Love-

  • MY TRUE LOVE, from Spellbound!2:16

out of her heart, and for a period of time, she will lose her ability to feel.  All of this happens.  ("My True Love/Nothing is Better Than You Reprise).

her as him...the real him.
He steps down, and they renew their     pledges of love to each other, reminding each other that True Love is not perfect, but it's real and authentic, and it is just as magical as any Fairytale,  ("Spellbound!").

Before we can take Spellbound! Off-Broadway we need a few more people on our team.  We're looking for producers (executive, managerial, and/or financial supporters), Superfans (a designated group of people who will help us drum up buzz and excitement about the show), and production staff (stage manager, production manager, general manager, etc.).  If you're interested in getting involved, please shoot an e-mail to, along with a short message detailing who you are and the reason for your interest.  If you're looking for more musical samples or a script, please let us know that as well.  We can provide more materials.  Thank you!  We look forward to hearing from you :)  Together we can change the face of Fairytales forever, break all the rules, and inspire a whole new generation of fairytale-lovers to believe in the magic and transformative power of True Love.  Let's leave 'em Spellbound!

The Story

     20 years later, the night before her 21st birthday, Cedarella runs away from home to seek her One True Love in the mountains of New Hampshire. ("My True Love.")  She seeks a perfect 6' tall man just like the Prince in her fairytale book, but instead, she meets a 5'9 and 3/4 inches tall Extreme Gardener named Hunter who woos her by regaling her with tales of his Extreme Gardening exploits ("Dig Me.")  She likes Hunter, but rejects him because he is not tall enough.​

     Left alone in the woods, feeling sad, Cedarella convinces herself that Hunter is her Perfect One True Love, at which point, the Love-Machine shows up.  We know that if Cedarella kisses the Love-Machine, he will suck the love 

  • DIG ME, from Spellbound!.mp32:27

     Back in the forest, Hunter saves Cedarella from a bear, and in the intimate moment following, Hunter invites Cedarella to help him plant his Ecuadorian Begonias.  ("The Begonia Song".)  Afterwards, they kiss, Cedarella freaks out, Hunter attacks Cedarella's ideas on love, and Cedarella runs away shouting that he is too short.  

they plot to suck the love out of Cedarella's heart so they can use it to make magic in their own.  ("Spread That Love Around".)  Cedarella, still seeking her True Love, next meets a crazy old lady named Flowerpot who teaches her how to defend herself.  ("Make 'Em Think You're Crazy".)  Meanwhile, Henrietta introduces her sisters to the Love-Machine, a six-foot tall love-sucking robotic prince with pool chemicals on his lips ("Nothing is Better Than You.")

  • SPELLBOUND, from Spellbound!3:41

True Love is the Most Beautiful Thing in The World.

                                                     Meanwhile, Cedarella's evil aunts, named Henrietta, 
Carmaletta, and Gingivitus, reveal to each other that they don't have enough love left
in their hearts to make magic, because they have all gone through Magicpause, and

  • NOTHING IS BETTER THAN YOU, from Spellbound!3:29

  • FOLLOW YOUR HEART, from Spellbound!5:09

  • THE BEGONIA SONG, from Spellbound!4:34

Machine because he matches up with her fairytale book, not because she's actually in love with him.  She once again declares her love for Hunter, but this time with an awareness of her and Hunter's imperfect nature, and the imperfect nature of love itself, ("I Know What Love is.")

     Cedarella and Hunter find each other and confess their love for each other.  Shortly afterward, all the other characters find them too.  Cedarella rejects the Love-Machine, declaring that she loves Hunter, but when the Love-Machine reads to Cedarella from her fairytale book, she is helpless to resist.  Just as Cedarella is about to kiss the Love-Machine, Hunter pushes him out of the way, and accidentally steps up on Cedarella's Fairytale Book, so he is exactly six feet tall.  Cedarella is smitten and they share a Kiss of True Love while Hunter stands on the book, after which Cedarella fully rejects the Love-Machine by making him think she is crazy.  Inspired by this, the other characters then exchange Kisses of True Love, curing the witches of their Magicpause, and transforming Flowerpot and the Love-Machine back into Cedarella's parents, which is who they originally were, and is only a little bit awkward.  Once the others have all gotten their happy endings, Cedarella approaches Hunter and asks him to step off the Fairytale Book, declaring that the "Kiss of True Love," is not as important to

     Finally, the cast addresses the audience, thanking them for coming to their Perfect Musical Fairytale, and bids them adieu, reminding them that True Love is the most beautiful thing in the world, and you can find it, by following your heart.  ("Finale Ultimo").

  • SPREAD THAT LOVE AROUND, from Spellbound!2:55


     "Spellbound!" begins with the cast telling us we are about to see a Perfect Musical Fairytale, ("This is a Perfect Musical Fairytale") in which a bunch of witches grow out of slime in the Mountains of New Hampshire.  Then, a lot of backstory happens, including-- most importantly-- the main character, Cedarella, being torn from her parents by her evil aunts, and left with nothing but a fairytale book to remember them by.

  • LET'S NEVER EVER BREAK UP, from Spellbound!3:23